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Kenalog Update -

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  1. i have the same problem only its on y stomach where i had my second c section. I just found out today that i was injected with kenalog my doctor never told me she did it. 5 got my records and it says she did it to get rid of a keloid scar from my 1st c section......but y not tell me....i didnt even know it was a keloid i just thought it was a c section scar common because my mom had one too. i was fine with it it reminded me of having my first child now i have in indention in the side of my stomach and im a brown skinned black woman and all the skin around the indention is as white as you. i wish u much success and i will praay for u and continue to check ur site and yes i clicked on ur ad. i only saw one though...u should change it to reflect add in the middle of the page to

  2. I got a shot for kenalog spring of 08 and of 09 for severe allergies. The kenalog worked for the allergies, but i now have a dent in my butt cheek that has seemed to come out of knowhere. Does anyone think it could be the kenalog and also what should i do? Im a little bit worried about this because it seems to be getting larger. any thoughts

  3. I had a kenalog shot in september 15th 2009, it is now October 19th and I am just starting to"come ot of it" I have had almost every side effect stated ecept menstral bleeding, I have been in menopause for 4 years. I have had severe head aches fevers seating profusly, fatigue, confusion, changes in vision neck spsms seizures, leg cramp, muscle pain and spasms, mood swings, totally unable to function. Life has been hell, much worse than the respitory problems I received the shot for, I asked about side effects and was assured it was less potent than treatment with oral steroids. I haave a rare disease called Lymphgiomyomatosis orLAM. also other respitory diseases. I had strng reactions to oral steroids, nothing like this terifying shot has been, I thought the pain would never end, I am still experincing side effects but they have let up enough to know my name. My PCP treated me like I was nuts, my pulminoligest said I might have a sinus infection,but has not checked up on my condition. This has been a nightmare!!!!

  4. I have a six year old daughter who was injected in the hip back in March '09. She was having an allergic reaction to sulfa. Due to the shot she now "tiny little girl" has a hole the size of a golf ball in her hip. I feel as she gets older we will have to have plastic surgery to correct it. The scary part is it continues to grow. When does it stop!!! And also with a six year old how do you know what else is bothering her? Just hope this medicine gets pulled off the market. Doesn't seem to be good for anyone.

  5. Im 20yrs old and pregnant, I have this "hole" in my hipalong with depression and mood swings. I've been to 5 diffrent doctors, 6 counting my ob/gyn and all of them just look at it like "what the...??" and tell me they dont know what it is and it couldnt be from the shot. And I know it is. But what I want to know is when does it quit getting bigger? Will this effect my baby and my labor because of the pain im in? Will i have to get plastic surgery? And how do i get a doctor to believe me that this shot caused this? If any one out there can give me some answers I would appreciate it.

    1. Please tell me how you and your baby are now today after receiving the kenalof shot. I'm in the same boat as you & I'm looking for some more research info.
      Thanks. Hope you and your baby are happy & health.

  6. Hi, I am 16 years old and i noticed today a indent on my left shoulder exactly where i had gottent the KENALOG shot. I have been taking the injection in June and again in August for a allergic prevenative to Mosquitos. If i do not take the shot i will have hard of breathing when i have about 20 mosquito bites or more. I have an Epi Pen as worse case scenarios. I am most frustrated with my Doctor, Our doctors are supposed to be looking out for our health and safety. By Prescribing us drugs that they do not know all the side effects of how are they doing there duties as a Doctor? I am nervous, i have never had anything like this before and and the more im reading im hearing it'll only get worse before it gets better. I am not sure why, BUT FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS TAKEN THIS INJECTION NEEDS TO KNOW EVERY SIDE EFFECT, EVEN THE MOST RAREST!!!!

    Dear, 20yrs old and Pregnant... I am sure the pain will not hurt you during the pregnancy or the baby.I am not sure when it'll quit growing, as i just discovered mine today. If the Astrophy continues and leaves an indent where you are self concious of then i say within 2-3 years consult your doctor, it is suppose to grow back within 6 months to 2 years. I have an appt with my doc on wednesday. I will share what i hear them.

  7. I too have a large atrohpy left from the shot, it also has a dark scar to it. How do we contact a lawyer?
    -humphrey, ne

  8. I was first given this shot in Jan of 2008 for allergies because my doctor said he gave it to his mother in law every 5-6 months and it was a cureall. I had my period for 2 1/2 months and he denied it was for the shot. My OB GYN said it was a rare side effect and it eventually went away.

    Fast forward to the first weekend in Januray 2010 when my 8 year old daughter and I were having an allergic reaction to bug bites. Without knowing, the on call doctor gave us both a shot of Kenalog. thank goodness she doesnt appear to have any reactions, but when I got my period this month it lasted 8 days rather than 4. And it restarted again a few days later. I have also had symptoms that my doctor thinks is acid reflux. I'm scheduled for a physical on March 1st but I'm concerned that he doesn't think it has anything to do with the drug. When obviously the weird taste I get in my mouth, the pangs of pain, the acid reflux symptoms such as bloating etc and the constant period all started a few weeks after the injection I got unknowingly.

    I'm concerned the person with the class action suit hasn't posted since July 2009 but I'd love to get this off the market. I'll never get an injection again without knowing exactly what it is. Its sad you can't trust your doctors, especially when you have been overall healthy until you get their perscribed injection.

  9. Ditto, had the shot about 3 months ago in my left butt cheek and now have a 'dent' which seems to be getting larger. I started getting concerned and did not know where to turn. Just like everyone else, had I known I never would of allowed my doctor to adminster the shot. I'm horrified and mostly concerned it will never return to normal.

    1. Have you returned to normal? I just received a shot and i am freaking out about all the weight gain. Now i may get a dent in my butt! Please respond if you see this. Thank You

  10. My 11 year old daughter has a large indentation at her injection site. Help. have googled until sick while hole getts larger. Seen dermotolgist but no help.. Don't know what to do. She had posion ivy so here Dr. ordered a steriod shot not a difiguring shot.

  11. I had a kenalog injection 3 weeks ago for lower back pain. I had the most excruiciating leg cramps which made me cry and physically vomit with the pain for over 6 days almost non stop! I did not sleep at all in that time. I have also started my period 3.5 weeks early!!!!! I have been regular as clockwork for the last 17 years and my GP said it was coincidence. It seems more than coincidence for this to happen a week after the shot. I have also been menstruating for 8 days now, when I ususally have it only for 4 days. I wonder when this will stop?? I have also started having bad headaches - I never had headaches before - ever!


    1. Do you have that number. I would like to call them Thank you

  13. I took an injection of kenalog 40 for a keloid scar. I had no idea what was to ensue. this was about three weeks ago. I started shaking uncontrollably about a week later. The fatigue is so overwhelming I have been in the ER x 2. crying all the time. depressed. Anxiety beyond anxiety. I hurt all over this must be what fibromyalgia feels like. this is four weeks post bypass surgery (that is when the keloid formed. Now if i can survive bbypass surgery and can not function after this kenalog shot this drug has to be taken off the market stat. I think i read on bristol meyers where 9 people have died from this (not sure of that). I pray it comes out of my system soon. I am exhausted. my hormones have been checked and they are completely messed up now. I am going to have my adrenal and thyroid checked on tuesday. until then mostly all i can do is rest and pray. God help anyone who takes this drug. I am an RN and have never seen anything like this on a mass scale. Reading the web I can't understand why they have not removed this from the market. If anyone knows how soon this will be out of my system please let me know - the doctor told me she gave me the highest dose she could give me at one time. I dont know how much that was. Am due for the second set of shots in two weeks - UH THAT WOULD BE NO WAY - please keep me informed of any lawsuit against this drug.

  14. I received an injection of Kenelog 40 for allergies in 1993! My periods stopped for two months, and within 48 hours of shot began to experience severe, bizarre headaches that eventually developed into facial pain within 2 weeks. I have struggled with pain, medications, been to Johns Hopkins Pain Clinic, etc. I am now 55 years old, and have lived with the side effects (so rare my doctor told me there were not any) only to see posts now. They are still giving it with the same attitude. I will help finding lawyers etc. Let me know This is altered my life since the age of 33 in every possible way.

  15. I have horrible scarring and skin thinning from Kenalog injections. Now the scarring and skin thinning is beginning to cause discomfort. They tell you it's temporary but this should not be getting worse if it's temporary. I look like I have a deformity from these injections. I also was very lightheaded, dizzy after the injections and had to sit for some time after having the shot. Menstrual cycle affected as well. Was told it was safe to have 3 of these shots in a very short period of time. Would never do it again and sorry I did.

  16. I recieved this shot also and have many of the same side affects that are mentioned. I am very depressed and un happy. I just want to be me again!!!

  17. I just recently had an allergy shot in Septemner 2010 and noticed a couple of months later I have an indentation on my right butt cheek! It's horribly ugly - considering my butt is my favorite asset. Will this go away eventually? I am HORRIFIED!

  18. i received this shot about three weeks ago and I have experienced some of the side effects. I am terrified as well. Just contacted my doctor and see what she has to say.

  19. firstly, I'm so sorry to everyone who has experienced even one of these side effects...we should have been told what horrible things this drug does, not just the benefits :( I'm horrified! I rec'vd the shot in sept. 2010 for a bout of hives. within a week or two I developed major headaches & throbbing pain in upper buttock (injection site) that traveled down my thigh into my leg, I'm always thirty now & have a strange taste in my mouth, odd mood swings tiredness & just not my typical active self in general, as well as overall muscle weakness. Now just 2 days ago I noticed I have a deep discolored golf ball size indent at injection least now I know why! :( this is completely unacceptable!

  20. I have had the same problems from a Kenalog shot I received last spring, and I am very interested in getting a class action suit together. It has deformed my hip, given me horrible headaches, stomach problems, menstrual and female problems, mood swings, depression. I have gone to a lot of doctors for all of this, but I didn't realize it was the shot until I found the large dent in my left hip. Please feel free to contact me about this. If no one else is going to get this together, I will start contacting attorneys. email

    1. please call me if u find an attorney

  21. I will join too! I am so pissed! My mom and I both got the shots and have deformed painful dimples. I have done a lot of modeling and was getting back into it and am so embarrassed more from this disgusting, ugly, discolored, hole on my back just above my butt please contact me.

  22. I am struggling with the fallout right now. Did this ever go anywhere? Thanks!

  23. I have been given the kenalog shot in my right hip. I was given 1 shot every 6 months staring in 2006 and ending 2010 and I didn’t start noticing anything till 2007 my right leg started to get fat above the knee I went in and the Dr stated that there was nothing wrong and now 4 years later and thousands of dollars they found that my right hip, thigh , knee, and calf are about 4” (bigger , wide ) and I have seen about 10 specialist, cardiologist, lymphadiema specialists, and it is all caused by the shot as well as many other problems.

  24. I also had 1 Injection of Kenalog in 2010 for some allergy issues. Over the last 2 months I have noticed a dent in my left buttock. At first I thought I was crazy. I have had no injuries and had no idea where it came from. I did some research online to avoid the doctor for an embarrassing problem. I am so glad I discovered what really happened. I was not warned about this side affect! I would have never had this shot had I known this. Please include me in this law suite too!

  25. My wife noticed i have the same dent as everyone else here. she found this site after doing a lot of research on what could be causing it. I too was not warned about the possible side effects of the shot. Please include me in the law suite.

    thank you for all your efforts so far and please let me know if there is anything i can do to help.

  26. Hi, I had the Kenalog injection in december 2011 and just after 4 months I noticed a dent in my butt and is getting worst every day, I'm really worried because I don't know if is going to stop at some point or will get even worst, has someone got better from this with excersice, or something? please help!!!

  27. Hi , I had this shot once in March '11 and again in April '11 for pain relating to my coccyx bone. The injection was made into the lower spine and left buttock. Although i have not yet had a dent, I am very terrified of getting one. Can these dents form months after the injections?

    The biggest problem i have had , is the continuous bleeding . menstrual cycle. I have a period 2 or 3 times per month. And its been 4 months now. The bleeding can only be controlled with medication. I cannot commit to a lifetime of medication. And i want to know how long this poison will stay in my system and why were they allowed to use this on me?

    The doctors , both spinal surgeon and gynaecologist do not believe its related to the Kenalog. But I know it is. I am not crazy. I have only experienced these problems since I had these Kenalog shots.

    I will never take these again. I strongly advise against having them.
    They should be removed from the market altogether, they are not worth it.

    Please email me if you have similar problems or can advise me further. thank you

  28. When I saw this blog I had to tell my story to everyone... I was out of work sick the week of March 28th 2011 through April 1st 2011 with flu-like symptoms... I made me a doctors appt and went... The doctor examined me and told the nurse to administer a Kenalog shot 40mg... I thought nothing of it I was so sick all I wanted to do was just feel better.... So she gave the shot in the upper part of my right arm and I went on home thinking I was going to be ok now... Well after bout a week I had some bruising on my arm but thought nothing of that either due to some injections cause that . However week after week went on and it was still there and very sore to touch... so I made me another doctors appt to see the doctor about this and also some sinus problems I was having.. He said he didn't know exactly why I still had this bruise and it could take up to 6mths for it to completely go away ... well today is July 4th,2011... And It is still there, purple and black and hurts like you wouldnt believe to touch it... the second visit I went to see the doctor when he proceeded to lead me out of the exam room he stopped midway in the hall and called another one of the nurses over to me and pointed out the bruise and asked her opinion and he had no idea why it was still there either. And the doctors reply was "DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD CALL THE MANUFACTURER??" I replied "Well its a little too late for that seeing how I HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN THE SHOT!" So he said well maybe it will go away, and I left the office.... I had mentioned to the doctor while in the exam room that I had read up on these shots and so many had posted about bruises not going away and he just sat there and looked at me funny.. Its almost like he was already aware of this... I have had bad headaches since this and just feeling bad all over... Someone needs to put a stop to this ... you cant tell me doctors aren't aware of the problems this injection is causing... but yet they keep on giving these shots to patients.... When is a lawyer going to step up to the plate and do the right thing and stop this ....???? Some of these side effects are severe enough to cost someone their life .... Is it worth that to let this go on and on..... ???

  29. I have a long history of depression and am/have been taking Zoloft, 100 mg. On June 3rd, 2011 I went to my PCP with a swollen upper lip - apparently an allergic reaction to something, and Benedryl didn't help like it usually does when this happens (and it happens on a rare occasion - not sure what the specific cause was). My doctor gave me a shot of Kenalog, 60 mg, in my buttocks. He did not discuss any possible side effects with me. My doctor was well aware of my depression history, and at that same appt I requested that my Zoloft dosage be increased. He increased it to 150 mg, but did not inquire further as to my current mental state. I had been having passing, not serious, suicidal thoughts for the past couple months, but no plan or serious thoughts of it.

    The following Monday morning, June 6th, I attempted suicide by swallowing a handful of lorazapam. My employer tracked my 22 year old son down to go check on me, and he found me - drugged out of my mind and called 911. I was in ICU for 2 days and the mental health ward for 3. I don't have any memory of the first few days in the hospital.

    Since then, my therapist has mentioned to me twice that the Kenalog shot probably contributed to the sudden plummet of my mood. I then did some internet research on side effects and found that one of the side effects is mood changes, and even suicidal thoughts. I since found out that the overdose of lorazapam alone would not have killed me.

    I have 2 thoughts that go thru my head now. The first is that I would not have attempted suicide if I had not received that Kenalog shot, and the second is that if I would have had alcohol in my house I would have drank it with the pills - and would be dead now.

    I'm now on Zoloft and Wellbutrin and am doing much better - thankfully. I'm glad to be alive! I contacted an attorney, but he said that he wouldn't be able to find a physician who would testify to cause and effect. I sure can though. I can be reached at

  30. I received a kenalog injection in my hip about 2 years ago for allergies. I ended up with what looked like a bruise that lasted over a month, I now have permanent discoloration and a huge indent in my hip which is very embarrassing. I recently got diagnosed with MS and take weekly injections and I am unable to use my hip bc of all the scar tissue from the kenalog injection my MS med can not disperse properly from the scar tissue and causes constant pain in that area for a few days. Please contact me at if anyone knows what's going on with the lawsuit. Thank u

  31. Well, I've been noticing a progressing crater/dent on my right butt cheek. It feels like an annoying muscle ache like when you get a shot. Well then it hit me, I went to an arthritis doctor back in Feb 2011 and they gave me a shot "for energy and inflammation", in my right butt cheek. I wasn't told about any possible side effects, just that maybe this will help my joint pains and give you more energy. I first noticed the "dent" about 2 or 3 months after the shot but didn't connect the dots until now after searching on the internet and reading all this horrible stuff that others are experiencing too. I went into my Blue Cross insurance file to see what the name of the shot was that I received and it is Kenelog (Triamcinolone Acetonide Injection).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I never even thought that this shot may have been the reason for all my monthly period issues!!!! I was having 2 to 3 periods a month, hot flashes and sweats, this ache in my right butt cheek and a bruise at the injection site that took FOREVER to go away. I even went to the gynecologist and had a D&C done because my doc didn't know why else I'd be having such cycle issues. My crater/dent is still aching and seems to be getting larger. It shows through my clothes. It is so embarrassing, especially having my boyfriend seeing it...ugh. I am so traumatized by this.

    What do you suggest I do?? Should I go report this to the doctor that injected me?? Should I go see a lawyer??

    Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

  32. I have been in menopause for about 1 1/2 years. I got a shot, 80mg of Kenalog about 2 weeks ago and now have started menstrual bleeding. Anyone else had this effect?

  33. What is with these doctors that don't tell you anything just make it all sound so promising yet did not tell me it was a steroid. I got this shot yesterday, he only asked if I was diabetic and how were my feet. Did not ask if I was pregnant or any other thing responding to hormones. This is Bull I am not happy and who is this Lawyer I want to speak to them.

  34. Please let me know if you have a class action started. I have been injured by this drug. Atrophy at sight of injection is horrible and stiffness and pain in my right hip is an everyday all day occurence. This is not fair...needs to be taken off the market before many,many others are hurt by this. (there had to have been a safer med for me..I had a sinus infection!) Please give me an update!

  35. Approximately five months ago, I had an allergic reaction to a facial
    cream and woke the following morning with severe swelling of the face which was traveling down my neck. I contacted the doctor, went to her office and after an exam was given a kenalog injection in my left deltoid area. Four months later I noticed a dimpling in that arm but didn't immediately connect the two.=20

    I have relocated back to TN and went to my doctor last week as I thought this increasing in size dimpling of my deltoid very suspicious. An MRI was ordered actually was to have today but last night after reading all the reports about kenalog and the side effects, I feel I am indeed another who has suffered from kenalog and am left with an increasing in size dimpling of my left deltoid. I was never informed and never signed a consent making me aware of the possible lasting side effects.

    Needless to say, I will cancel the MRI scheduled today as I know now the cause of my disfigurement. I would agree that Kenalog needs to be taken off the market and am interested in participating in any action. Please inform me if this suit still exists and if so what steps I need to take.


  36. my girlfriend just got a kenolog 40 shot for her allergies and now shes havign problems with her period and shes depressed and most of all has a golf ball size crater on her butt cheek i feel so bad for her.

    SOmething needs to be done for all the victims of this drug

  37. My former wife and I took kenalog for allergies. We were not warned of any side effects and we asked.

    The following year my former wife's right tricep broke loose from the bone. Later, her left broke lose from the bone. Our new doctor told us that it was from the Kenalog shots.

    A year or so later my right tricep broke loose and just two years ago my left broke loose. According to the doctors Kenalog is responsible for weakening the connecting tissue causing the tricep to break loose.

    I'd love to sue those yahoos!
    Mike Ford

  38. I am in the process of meeting with a lawyer for my indentation. I got my Kenalog shot in May 2011. I will keep you guys updated.

  39. What kind of filler do you need to fill the indentation?

  40. I got Kenalog shot in June, this indentation started in September, email me with info

  41. I too have a dent in my right butt cheek. I received a Kenalog shot Aug/Sept 2011 and it is now jan 2012 and I have a good size dent.. You can push down like the tissue has just been eaten away. There is a hole in my butt cheek. This is very embarassing considering I do modeling/acting. Please let me know about a lawsuit if anyone has any info...

  42. I found this site tonight while searching for issues with my menstrual cycle after taking the shot. I've gladly asked for the Kenalog shot every January the last few years because of horrible allergies to Cedar in Texas. Last year I noticed the dimple in my buttocks. I mentioned it to my doctor this year and she supposedly had never heard of that. She simply asked the nurse to be very careful about injecting it slowly this year. In addition to that, I have been very irregular in my cycle since receiving the shot the first week of Jan. I am a 28 days on the DOT kind of gal, and last cycle was 40 days between, then the period lasted 8 days, compared to normal 5. Tonight, I got my period again, after only 20 days. This is very strange for me and had me quite worried. Additionally, while I haven't had headaches, I have been extremely tired... complained to my family and closest friends about it, and have been a lot moodier than normal. But I figured that was because I was tired and life changes going on in life. I had NO idea how bad this drug was until tonight. I will not get one of these shots again. Who knows what is going to to happen in 10 years if this stuff is still in our systems. Scary.

  43. My mom just told me she has golf ball size indent in her butt. Her menstrual cycle has been so weird she just had a biopsy done . Please reply with info. Ty

  44. I have just noticed a big dent on my bum I have had alot of kenelog but had 1 just before Xmas I have bad psoriatic arthritis and I was never told this could happen I mentioned it to my rhumy nurse and she tried to say it was probably because I was so slim.

    1. My email address is

  45. I have had a injection as well that has caused an indention would love to Take part in any law suit making this aware to the public

  46. i was injected by epidural with kenalog 5 months ago.I havent been the same since.I live in the twilight zone ever since.its ruined my mind,my health,my body my life.ive lost everthing,my job,my fiannce,my future and have nothing now.please help.

  47. I have had all the same problems with denting in the skin that you have all had. It doesn't seeem to go away. I also have had crazy periods and I'm not ovulating. Could Kenalog be the reason?

  48. My beautiful baby girl, 16 yrs old was given kenalog
    Injection for migrain! She now has this horrible indention on her butt!!! She is sooo humiliated by it! A month after injection she began having very ad normal periods!!!! I never connected the two!! I took her to obgyn who put her on birth control to try and control her bleeding!!! I am devastated to read all of this!! Someone PLEASE ADVISE AND PLEASE HELP!!

  49. My beautiful baby girl, 16 yrs old was given kenalog
    Injection for migrain! She now has this horrible indention on her butt!!! She is sooo humiliated by it! A month after injection she began having very ad normal periods!!!! I never connected the two!! I took her to obgyn who put her on birth control to try and control her bleeding!!! I am devastated to read all of this!! Someone PLEASE ADVISE AND PLEASE HELP!!

  50. I went to my FMD for lt. glute/rear pain. Doctor examined and nurse gave me a shot before I left the office..this was Dec. 2011. Then the end of Feb. 2012, I noticed a large reddish brown spot on my rear where the shot was given. My rear has hurt much worse since the shot (which did not help at all!), also since then I have hip, pelvic and thigh pain 24/7. In January, I started having alot of stomach and bowel problems...also I have alot of heart palpitations lately and have seen gastro doctors, heart doctors, my fmd and had x-rays and other tests. I noticed in Feb. 2012 also that my rear on that side has an indention where the shot was given...the spot is changing colors. My hip, pelvic and glute hurt non stop I also have an ovarian cyst at age 49 that I've never had in my life. I have an IUD, but still bleed monthly. Is this shot causing all this?? I wish I'd never had this shot...called my dr. today after googling my symptoms and my dr. ofc. confirmed that it was Kenalog that I was given. OMG...wish I'd never got that shot. If there is a lawsuit against this drug co. please let me know..I'll be glad to share my story too. I hope this indention in my rear doesn't get worse ugh and the pain!

  51. As to my above comment (keb), my e-mail is, or

  52. Ive had a Kenalog injection for the last 3yrs, as i always felt it was brilliant, an instant relief of all the systoms of hayfever, a truely wonderful little injection. However i have become quite concerned that i have developed an irregular heart beat, more like palpatations, but all the time. I wondered what was wrong as i am very healthy eating and very fit (triathlete) and reading into this by chance have found that it can cause haeart irregularities. This have never been explained to me before. It did seem a little strange to me that my Dr would prescribe this to me and yet his 4 other Dr's in the practice wont at all. I too now need some help and advise and not sure i will get it adequately from my own Dr or indeed his practice. Help!

  53. im a victum too of kenalog injections 9 to 10 injected into my scalp in April of 2009 by a dermatologist. he diagnosed me with excema dermatitis gave the shots told me it would get worse before it got better. 3 days later i was back in his office he got another Dr. Into the room. She told him she wanted Two biopsies. What happenf was i had to wash my hair then apply a very greasy ointment every night then repeat the same step each morning. After a few nights of showering one morning tired of showering i decided to wash the ointment ov in the kitchen sink. When i put my head in under the facet my shoulder length hair started tangling so badly i grabbed the conditioner and poured it on. Still all my hair was tangled severly at the crown and top of my head. Hair and skin all tangled together. I ran to the shower applied more condioner but it was hurting so bad i went into a asthma attack. Getting over that i called the Dr. Back told them what happened and they had me come back next eve. My head was mushy all over. Thats when the other Dr. Wanted the biosys done. As it turns out he miss diagosed me from the start..according to the biopsys showed that i had LITCHEN SIMPLEX CHRONICUS. Which means it was currable. It means a person under extreme heavy loads of stress and that i needed to be treated for stress by my family Dr. At that point he said to me there was nothlng else he could do. I in the long run had to have all my hair cut to a Demi Moore style. My hair being my best asset wound up being shaved bald. The indentions were every where the injections were given. I am now under a nerologist being treated for athropy (nerve damage) i am also under a phyciatrist who is treating me for stress. And i am devastated. Embarrasment headaches forever. I want to join this class action lawsuit against kenalog. Ive prayed and cried many nights to die. Agoniging pain and my scalp still has knots and indentations in it. My nerologist wanted me to let my hair grow back out so she could see what its going to do. Well that was Jan. Of 2011 Ive an appt. May 10th next month. i contacted an attorney from the Arnold Law Firm which is a Dr Attorney he told me kenalog shots should never ever be injected into a persons scalp!that it would cause Athropy. Ill do all i can to have this product banned. I wouldnt give this to my dog! Living in a HELL ON EARTH LIFE! please keep me informed my email is thank you

  54. I too had gotten kenalog shots for allergies. I started getting them when I was 12yrs old, up to about 20-21yrs. Sometimes multiple shots an allergy season. All of them in my upper right arm. I had torn my right shoulder out of the socket in Sept. 07, 2006. I was in construction and very healthy and fit. I am now on Labor and Industries, Workman's Compensation in Washington State. I have had 4 different surgeries trying to get my shoulder to stay in place but with no luck because my muscles have antrophied (died) too much. I only recently discovered that there was a lawsuit against Kenalog. It makes sense now that I've done some research on the issue. If you want to get ahold of me, I'm willing to fight too. My e-mail is or

  55. I was injected with Kenalog 2 years ago in the right shoulder for pain. Since then, I have a gross deformity in the form of a large indentation with purplish-red coloring, (tissue atropy), pain going down arm into hand and up into shoulder blade and neck associated with pain and numbness. If this skin/tissue is supposed to grow back, shouldn't it have happened after 2 years post injection? This is a dangerous drug and should either be removed from the market or used as a last resort. I would like to join the lawsuit; my e-mail is:

  56. I too have had about 5 Kenolog shots in a period of 2 1/2 years and my atrophy in my butt check is a little larger than a baseball. I didnt realize that it could be the steriod until my sister had the shot and she had an indent show up on her butt cheek and her chiropractor said that thats what it was so I started googling and came up on this site. I have pain in that hip area all the time . I will join the lawsuit and so will my sister. my email is:, my sisters is

  57. I had a Kenalog injection for sinus/allergy problems. I developed a huge indention on my lower back. I had no idea what it was until I started researching. I also have had pretty severe pain in my hip and down my leg on the same side. Please send me some info.

  58. I'm due to get my shot today. I was looking up the side affects, and stumbled upon this site. Super scary! Am so glad I found this site, and thanks everyone for the heads up!!!

  59. Unlike some comments I have read, I got my Kenalog shot the end of February 2012. I got my period two weeks after the injection in mid March, saw it again in the first week in April and have not seen it since. From I began seeing my period at age 11 I have always been regular and this is the longest stretch I have gone without seeing it. Now that I have researched the side effects of the injection I definitely think it is the cause.

    1. So have your period being regular now? I had the same condition as yours, so i am just curious how long does it take to regulate the period?

    2. Just checked back the site and saw your comment.

      I did see my period in July, but even now in January 2013,it is not regular anymore. I can not count on my 28 day cycle again because it comes later and later each time.

  60. Well I had severe allergic reaction to benadryl I felt like I was going into cardiac arrest couldn't breathe heart... pounding sweating, ...twice into the ER had not idea Benadryl could do this but it can! I was so scared when I could not breathe, anyhow I'm super cautious because I'm a vegetarian with rare blood type makes me hypersensitive, anyhow I went to the dr with chills and frightened and he offered the Kenalog, I asked for a HALF dose because of my fear of medicine ...they gave me a HALF DOSE maybe a child portion the doctor said it might be in your system for 3-6 weeks ... I still feel a little odd shakey today with my heart a beating a little higher then it needs to be either it is the Benadryl still in my system or it is a response to KENALOG anyhow there has to be way to chelate these chemical out of your system. I'm serioulsy trying some naturopathic methods to clear my system pronto there has to be way.... I'm not impressed with the way they deal with reaction wny not a natural simple gentle approach with no side effects.

  61. I too have developed a dent from a Kenelog shot that I received last year! The Dr. told me they didnt warn me because it only happens to 1 out of a 100 people. That info does not seem right either. Any info would be appreciated

  62. I had a shot for a skin rash and have developed horrible leg cramps, headaches, facial pain and a bruise at the injection site that is still there after 3 weeks

  63. Hello all,

    After a year of having right side hip pain issues I found out today that the shot I received (kenalog injection) from my physician last year(June 2011)when I was sick and lost my voice was the cause of the "pit" in my upper right buttock and is causing me pain!

    I am very angry, I saw my doctor today and he told me they usually heal between 1-2 years and there usually isn't pain, and recommended I continue going to Airrosti (when I mentioned I had sought them out for pain relief).

    So it's been over a year but at least I know now what caused this mysterious injury and can figure out how to rehabilitate my damaged nerves and muscle and stop the burning pain, but maybe I'll to have cosmetic surgery to fill in the pit if it doesn't heal.

    I feel for everyone going through this experience - you are not alone!

    - S
    Houston, TX


    Triamcinolone is known by the following names:


    Kenalog Side Effects

    Raised blood sugar level.

    Increased appetite and weight gain.

    Increased susceptibility to infections and increased severity of infections (see warnings above).

    Effects on the gut, such as indigestion or abdominal bloating, nausea, ulceration in the stomach or intestine, inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

    Ulceration or thrush infection in the throat.

    Muscle weakness or wasting.

    Thinning of the bones (osteoporosis) and increased risk of breaking a bone.

    Effects on the skin, such as skin thinning, impaired healing, acne, bruising, stretch marks, increased sweating, change in pigmentation, increased hair growth (hirsutism).

    Psychiatric reactions, such as mood changes (including irritability, depression and suicidal thoughts), psychotic reactions (including mania, delusions and hallucinations), anxiety, confusion, memory loss, sleep disturbances (see warning above).

    Cushing's syndrome, characterised by a moon-shaped face.

    Menstrual disturbances.

    Sodium and water retention.

    Increase in blood pressure (hypertension).

    Decrease in the level of potassium in the blood.

    Decrease in the production of natural steroids by the adrenal glands (adrenal suppression - see warning above).

    Effects on the eyes, such as raised pressure inside the eye (glaucoma), cataracts.

    Slowed growth in children and adolescents.


    Blood clots in the blood vessels (thromboembolism).

    The side effects listed above are rare when this medicine is injected into or around a joint. The principal side effects following joint injection are a temporary increase in pain and swelling, flushing or dizziness.


    Although arthropathy and loss of muscle mass are noted by the FDA as possible side effects of Kenalog some patients are currently seeking financial remediation through civil tort actions for compensation of physical and emotional damages related to injections of Kenalog and adverse reactions at the injection site.

    The predominate complaint being wasting of muscle at the injection site.

    Current litigation strategies center on malpractice, misconduct, and gross misconduct in relationship to the diagnosis, treatment, prescription dose, and administration of Kenalog to the injured party.

    Attorneys for the plaintiffs purport that physicians have not administered the lowest dose possible to control the condition, or have not considered the effect of the duration of the prescribed dose, of Kenalog, in relation to the total effect it will have on the patient. Attorneys claim negligence in these areas or deliberate indifference to the cause and effect ratio pertaining to the administration of Kenalog. Tort actions claim that this practice amounts to medical malpractice on behalf of the health care provider.

    Although some individuals have reached settlements in response to malpractice litigation filed in association with Kenalog, no complaints have been adjoined in relation to a class action tort claim. Kenalog is still prescribed without additional cautions, or warning, and there is no indication that the Federal Drug Administration is currently investigating complaints regarding its safety as a prescribed synthetic corticosteroid when used correctly.

  66. Oh My God! I had buccal fat pad removal done because I had a very round face, after 6 months from surgery, I loved my results but hated I was still puffy above my lip. It kinda looked like I was chewing tobacco on one side of my face. So my PS doctor recommended a.kenalog 10 injection. All he said was it works wonderful to reduce scars by evening out they skins tissue. He said it should last for 6-8 weeks. Itso been 3 weeks and now I noticing a dime size purple discoloration and a dent in my skin. I couldnt figure out what it was until it hit me. It has to be the shot. Whats worse is they kenalog didnt get they puffy out. It went beside it. So if your looking at my face, one side of my face, is my cheekbone, a dent, and then the puffy spot. Im freaking out because I was NOT aware this would happen. If he told me the side effects I would of said forget it. Ill just wait for they puffyness to go away on its own. Im so scared this will get worse since its only been 3 weeks. I already called the doc and he said to come in he wants to fill it. They only thing I would consider is filling it with my own fat tissue or using water to possibly dilute kenalog from working its full treatment length time. Does anybody know if water would help dilute it or would it make it worse and spread? How can I flush this stuff out of my system? I have been reading it decreases white blood cells which help fight your bodys infections. So Ive been taking prenatal vitamins which is strong dose of folic acid, vitamin A & C which all helps your body produce white blood cells and infections. Also kenalog decreases potassium, so Im increasing that as well with my water intake. I absolutely hate they way my face is looking. Im avoiding mirrors because Im crying so hard. Anyone that has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

  67. Just got my first Kenalog shot on Thursday (7 days ago) and I can't breathe. I also am menstruating very bad which I should not be as my schedular is always perfectly regular. I hope this does not affect me getting pregnant as I was suppose to ovulate Sept 10th. What is going on with my body suddenly? No mention of any of this when getting the shot. Just said it would help tone my ezcema down and it hasn't done anything but makes things more complicated. Help!

  68. has anyone talked to a lawyer or does anyone
    know one to talk too
    I emailed the whitehouse
    thats pretty bad, they should be aware of this
    This drug should be removed as it is doing more
    harm than good

  69. I went through the whole ordeal with Kenalog and the side-effects. If anyone would like the info I received - please feel free to email me and I will try and share what I learned through my experience.

    Kind Regards, M.S


    1. Please share your info with me. I'm so concerned for my daughter and don't know what I can do to help her. Thank you.

  70. I had a triamcinolone intramuscular shot during 12 August 2012 due to terrible mosquito bite and at the same time it was my day 3 periods. On 8 September 2012, I had my period but it was light and not heavy as usual and only last for 3 days. Since then I got spotting until 19 September 2012. I m kinda worried as this is my first time having irregular bleed and spoting. Then, finally it stopped for 3 days and just yesterday which is 23 September, I had period again. Gosh, 2 periods in a month. I thought something abnormal about my hormone until I remembered that I had triamcinolone intramuscular shot and had oral prednisolone for 4 days. I m just wondering how long does it take to clean up this mess!?


  71. I have had a series of Kenalog 80 mg esi shots in my neck in 2011-2012.Now I have severe headaches ,fatigue,neck stiffness,numbness in right hand and arm confused,hardly remember things,I am currently going to therapy trying to work the stiffness and knot out of the top right shoulder.I am having so many problems with my right arm and hand I now have an appt to go to the orthopedics

  72. Is a Law Suit being actively pursued as of December, 2012? I would like to submit a report.

  73. I to have a dent in my right butt cheek. I am 20 years old and really wish that there is something I can do about this. I was never informed that this can happen. The dent keeps getting bigger and bigger and frankly I need help and options. If anyone has answers or options my email is

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  120. A person who didn't desire this. The kenalog shot created a flesh eating bacteria when the serum sat in the tissue. For me it destroyed fat tissue, created myonectrosis and osteoporosis. I have been advised to see a infectious disease specalist. I hope it didn't create an avascular condition inwhich I risk losing my leg.

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